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Parent Center at 13

The Computer Lab is Open During School Hours

The Parent Center Computer Lab is open during regular school hours Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3pm.

After school hours vary from day to day. Contact the school, if you are interested in attending after 3pm.

Computer Lab
Parent Center Computer Lab

Action Team at 13

(School, Families & Community Partnership)



Mr. Cosmo Braico, Vice Principal



Ms. Carmen Bermudez

Ms. Nelly Celi of Paterson Education Fund

Mrs. Shirley Garris-Tann



Rev. Pamela James of Christ Church United Methodist

Ms. Shirley Jordan of Christ Church United Methodist

Ms. Joyce McKnight-Young of Christ Church United Methodist

Min. Regina Moore of Resurrection Kingdom Ministries

Ms. Joyce Thomas of Christ Church United Methodist



Ms. My'kishea Adams

Ms. Cecele Hylton

Ms. Shakeira Morales

Ms. Hircania Paulino

Ms. Tamika Purdie

Ms. Nashima Wade



Ms. Yolanda Simmons, Parent Coordinator



Ms. Lauren Anton, Grade 3

Ms. Roneea Bundick, Grade 3




The Action Team at 13’s mission is to increase parental involvement and help improve student outcomes through school, family, and community collaboration .



#1 - Academic and parental training skills. Develop strategies to promote academic achievement for parents & strengthen parenting skills


#2 - Social development. Generate parental involvement through social activities and improve social interaction amongst cultural groups.


#3 - Improve communication between schools and families. Develop strategies to improve communication between families and P.S. 13 staff and administration.


PTO at School 13

Help Family, Help Child...
Our goal is to help family, help child at School 13.
Calendar of Events
PTO & Action Team (13) F2017.jpg

Upcoming Events

holiday party FoR GRADES 3-5 December 6th from 4:30 to 6:30PM

Our Holiday Party for students in Grades 3 to 5 in December 6th. Casual dressy and dressy attire requested. Student must be escorted by a parent to attend.  Cost: $5 per child. All monies are due by December 1st. Volunteers are needed to decorate on December 6th from 1 to 3PM. For more information, please see Parent Coordinator Ms. Simmons.


Nuestra fiesta de vacaciones para estudiantes en los grados 3 a 5 del 6 de diciembre. Vestimenta casual elegante y elegante vestimenta solicitada. El estudiante debe ser acompañado por un padre para asistir. Costo: $ 5 por niño. Todo el dinero se debe el 1 de diciembre. Se necesitan voluntarios para decorar el 6 de diciembre de 1 a 3 de la tarde. Para obtener más información, consulte a la coordinadora de padres, la Sra. Simmons.

school safety Workshop November 1st, 6 to 7PM

Our PTO workshop on school safety at School 13. Our guest speaker is Lieutenant Traina. He will let you know what the school is doing to keep your children safe and what you can do to help. It is only one, 60 minutes of your time. You don't want to miss this important information.

Nuestro taller de PTO sobre seguridad escolar en la Escuela 13. Nuestro orador invitado es el Teniente Traina. Él le informará lo que hace la escuela para mantener a sus hijos seguros y lo que usted puede hacer para ayudar. Es solo uno, 60 minutos de tu tiempo. No querrás perderte esta importante información.

    Free Teens Opt Out Form

    Parents, if you would like to opt your child out of the Free Teens Program, please:

    1) click the link below




    2) print out the form

    3) complete the form

    4) submit form to School 13


    Duties of PTO Officers


    •  Schedule, plan, attend and moderate all Board and school PTO meetings

    •  Coordinate the work of the Officers and Committees of the Organization.

    •  Meet with the Principal and/or Assistant Principal as needed.

    •  Manage the annual Officer Election process and ensure that all Officer Positions are filled.

    •  Take an active role in the budget process.


    •   Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.

    •   Be the key liaison to any Committee and attend Committee meetings as needed.

    •   Fill in for any officer as needed.


    •  Be the liaison to the Department of Family and Community Engagement for the PTO’s bank accounts. Meet periodically with Office Manager to reconcile the PTO’s funds in the activity account. This review provides a check and balance to prevent misuse of PTO funds.

    •  Collect and process Funding Requests.

    •  Take an active role in the budget process.

    •  Define and update the budget process guidelines and forms as necessary.

    •  Present a monthly Treasurer’s Report at every meeting.


    •   Print and distribute all meeting agendas and ensure that reminders for all meetings are distributed.

    •   Keep an accurate record of the proceedings at all meetings of the Organization and provide written update to staff after each Organization meeting.

    •   Be prepared to refer to the minutes of all previous meetings of the Organization.

    •   Manage incoming correspondence for the Organization.

    •   Approve and provide communications for the PTO website to the webmaster.

    •   Keep an current copy of the By-Laws and any rules, regulations, or guidelines adopted by the Organization or Executive Board and update the By-Laws as necessary.

    •   Assist or take the lead in the year-end report summarizing the activities of the Organization to be distributed to all members at the end of the school year.


    •   Advises in rules of order and the proper procedures for the conduct of meetings of deliberative assemblies.

    •   Assist organizations in the drafting and interpretation of bylaws and rules of order, and the planning and conduct of meetings.