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Kindergarten Teachers
Contact T. Flete  T. Flete Teacher
Contact J. Freire  J. Freire Teacher
Contact R. LaDuca  R. LaDuca Teacher
Contact Katherine Won  Katherine Won Teacher
1st Grade Teachers
Contact J. Balise  J. Balise Teacher
Contact J. Ramos  J. Ramos Teacher
Contact T. Topolski  T. Topolski Teacher
2nd Grade Teachers
Contact L. Kwiecinski  L. Kwiecinski Teacher
Contact P. Sumter  P. Sumter Teacher
3rd Grade Teachers
Contact L. Anton  L. Anton 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact R. Bundick  R. Bundick 4th GradeTeacher
Contact E. Ruiz  E. Ruiz Teacher
4th Grade Teachers
Contact J. Demeski  J. Demeski Teacher
Contact M. Giegerich  M. Giegerich Teacher
5th Grade Teachers
Contact S. Darden  S. Darden Teacher
Contact Kimberly Davis  Kimberly Davis Teacher
Contact K. Gill  K. Gill Teacher
Special Area Teachers
Contact Z. Barnes-Mundle  Z. Barnes-Mundle Technology Teacher
Contact J. Durando  J. Durando Teacher
Contact M. Farrington  M. Farrington Teacher
Contact M. Levine  M. Levine Teacher
Contact Jarel Lowery  Jarel Lowery Teacher
Contact D. Nganga  D. Nganga Teacher
Contact Hillary Teichman  Hillary Teichman Teacher

Our School Community

School 13 Faculty & Staff

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Contact Nicole Booker  Nicole Booker Principal
Contact C. Braico  C. Braico Assistant Principal
Contact R. Guzman  R. Guzman Assistant Principal
School Secretaries
Contact Cory McLeod  Cory McLeod Staff
Contact Nikki Smith  Nikki Smith Staff
School Nurse
Contact Gina Rourke  Gina Rourke Staff
Guidance & SAC
Contact Cedenia McCollum  Cedenia McCollum Staff
Contact L. Miller  L. Miller Staff
Chief Custodian
Contact Kleo Papadatos  Kleo Papadatos Staff
Food Services
Contact C. Fennell  C. Fennell Staff
Contact S. McPherson  S. McPherson Staff
Board Security Officer
Contact Kim McLaurin-Bridgers  Kim McLaurin-Bridgers Staff
Home School Community Liasion
Contact Yolanda Simmons  Yolanda Simmons (973) 321-0130 ex: 21334 Staff
6th Grade Teachers
Contact D. Burton  D. Burton Teacher
Contact Paul Maute  Paul Maute Teacher
Contact V. Richards  V. Richards Teacher
7th Grade Teachers
Contact Jennifer Doherty  Jennifer Doherty Teacher
Contact A. Scardigno  A. Scardigno Teacher
8th Grade Teachers
Contact D. Herbek  D. Herbek Teacher
Contact L. Owsik  L. Owsik Teacher
Special Education Teachers
Contact M. Atshan  M. Atshan Teacher
Contact Y. Blue-Gaskin  Y. Blue-Gaskin Resource Teacher
Contact Stephanie Mearizo  Stephanie Mearizo Teacher
Bilingual/ESL Teachers
Contact C. Lee  C. Lee Teacher
Contact G. Loffredo-Otero  G. Loffredo-Otero Teacher
Contact Tina Nucci  Tina Nucci Teacher
Contact P. VanLaere  P. VanLaere Teacher
Instructional Assistants
Contact J. Negit-Pagan  J. Negit-Pagan Staff
Contact E. Ruiz  E. Ruiz Staff
Contact Francis Valbuena  Francis Valbuena Staff
Reading Specialist
Contact Sheila Ruth  Sheila Ruth Teacher